AS Garantas offer a full line of wooden products manufactured solutions where quality and our response capacity are priorities in satisfying our customers’ needs. With huge manufacturing and warehousing space, we can handle both large and small production runs and our skilled and experienced personnel are up to any challenge.

We continue to find ways to improve our manufacturing process, bespoke products and business so that you will always experience the best from AS Garantas. We work to refine everything we do, developing better production processes to reduce waste as well as help you achieve environmental and business initiatives. Our goal is to serve you as a trusted partner, from finding ways to implement cost-effective business strategies.

Know-how, reliability, competence, quality, production control cycle, attention to detail, skillfulness – have allowed us to satisfy even the most particular requests.

Whatever your idea is, together we will find a solution. We enjoy new projects with you, giving you continuity over time.

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